customer information management

Data will not just be left as transaction details, but will be used to provide better services to consumers at each affiliate by analyzing customers' preferences and consumption patterns through big data analysis.
Through this, customers will have a more satisfying experience in the TOM N TOMS brand, and franchisees will be able to identify and respond to the changing needs of consumers from time to time.

Distribution History Management

Tom & Toms distributes not only coffee but also various MD products such as coffee products, living products, and other processed foods on online and offline channels.By storing numerous transaction details caused by many distributions through blockchain technology, data forgery and alteration can be prevented and managed efficiently.

Franchise Purchase/Sales Management

TOM N TOMS operates more than 500 franchise stores worldwide. Integrity, one of the key characteristics of blockchain technology, can prevent possible conflicts between franchisees and headquarters due to omission or inconsistency of purchase and sales information and create an ecosystem where headquarters and merchants can coexist.