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TOKEN Tom Tom Coin


Blockchain & utility


Sunchul Myoung


426, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea



TomTom Coin

TomTom Coins(TOMS) project is a blockchain and utility token project that uses TOM N TOMS, a Korean
coffee franchise brand, as an ecosystem.


Blockchain & Utility

It is a data distribution management technology that ensures transparency and integrity by splitting data into small blocks and storing it in a chain-shaped connection-structured environment.

Utility Token

It has the characteristic of indicating the future right to use a particular company's product or service. It is affected by direct utilization value, supply, demand, and trading volume.

Online Ecosystem

MyTom application and TOM N TOMS' own online shopping mall will be included, and TOMS tokens will be used as payment methods.

Offline Ecosystem

We would like to expand it to global franchise stores and new stores as well as TOM N TOMS coffee shops, and payments and benefitswill be given with TOMS token.

TOMS Introduction

Details - TOMS project was launched to create various synergies with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies that are getting closer to our daily lives as TOM N TOMS brand extends into a wider field and channel to become a lifestyle, not just a coffee shop.

We would like to expand the ecosystem by combining a utility token called TomTom Coin, an ecosystem located in TOM N TOMS brand, and provide convenience, diversity, and transparency in payment methods and customer rewards.

It also aims to secure the security and stability of the system by introducing blockchain solutions to TOM N TOMS' business platform, and to increase the efficiency of TOM N TOMS franchisees and executives and employees and convenience of customers by utilizing data distributed processing and analysis function.

Road Map

  • First half
    - New application for trademarks
    - NFT Marketplace Rebranding and advancement
    - Expanding Blockchain Networks in the Market
  • Second half
    - Building the Discord Community
    - SNS & influence Marketing Partnership Expansion
    - Developing 3D Modeling of Metaverse
    - Introduction of NFT Creator Loyalty Function
    - Announcement of NFT Market Partnerships and Additional features
  • First half
    - Listing on MEXC Exchanges
    - Listing on LBANK Exchanges
    - CMC & CG Listing
    - ERC-721 based token registration
    - Metaverse UX/UI Update
    - Released BSC bridge
    - NFT Marketplace launch
  • Second half
    - Metaverse Partner's Day held
    - Metaverse Demo release
    - Ecosystem Expansion
    - Released Gallery TOM NFT
  • First half
    - lncinerats 5 billion tokens
    - Launching MyTOM Smart Drive-Thru
    - Application of own wallet and token payment within MyTOM
    - Opening Premlum of TOM N TOMS (Great Black)
  • Second half
    - TOMS Token lssuance [ERC-20]
    - TomTom Coin Whltepaper 1.0 released
    - Opening TOMS Token Homepage
    - TOMS Token Sale

Token Split



If you want to use the MyTOM application, you can scan
the QR code suitable for the device's environment and download.